Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yeah Buddy!

A couple weeks ago was our good friend Adam's birthday.  Trevor and I and a group of other friends got together with Adam's parents for food and drinks at Whistle Binkies in Rochester.  It's a pub with hundreds of tap and bottled beer choices (beer menu is longer than food menu) from all over the world, and it's one of Trevor's favorite places.  We had some good food and lots of laughs before heading to the Prof concert at Whiskey Bones in Rochester.  Prof is one of our favorite hip-hop artists and he's from Minnesota which makes him even more awesome.  His music can get a bit outrageous, but if you can see past that he's a riot.  

We had some more laughs with our group while waiting for Prof to come on stage.  Music was to start at 9:30, so we were anticipating Prof starting at about 10:30, but he didn't go on stage until shortly after midnight.  In the mean time, Trevor spotted Ant (one half of another favorite local hip-hop group, Atmosphere) and went to talk to him for a while.

I was stoked to see Prof perform, especially in such a small venue (I've seen him before at Soundset but that's at Canterbury Park).  However, it was getting to be a very late night for someone who is 30 weeks pregnant and has to work the next day.  All the people bumping into me (and I wasn't even near the stage, unfortunately) didn't help, but I tried to keep on my happy face while waiting!

Prof performed.  It was awesome.  I would have loved to be down on the floor right in front of the stage, but with as tired as I was, and pregnant, I didn't think that'd be a good idea.  It was still a great show with great people!

(Yeah Buddy is one of Prof's songs, a fun one of course.)


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