Monday, January 7, 2013

37 weeks, 3 days

I suppose more frequent updates are okay now since any one of these could be the last pregnancy update!

Like I said last week, my fundal height (uterus measurement, just measures with a tape measure) was about a week small so Dr. wanted an ultrasound just to be sure. We had that this morning and baby was measuring just fine. Their estimates say she is 6lb 11oz (the tech said the estimates are usually accurate within one pound). Her foot measured 8.3cm, she may have big feet like I do. Sorry, baby girl! Her amniotic fluid was at a 9.4. Anything below a 5 is considered low, but they'd like to see it at a 10 or higher. The tech said the Dr. would likely hook me up to a monitor just to check things out. Baby was moving a lot and fighting the tech when she pushed on my belly during the ultrasound. She's positioned head down and basically on her side, her face pointed to my right with her feet at my ribs on my right side. Bless her heart she hasn't been kicking me in the ribs much at all. Her heart rate at the ultrasound was 153 which is higher than usual but she was pretty active!

At our actual OB appointment my doctor checked my cervix again. This week I'm dilated to a 3. My body is doing something which is awesome, but I've known many people to be stuck at a 3 for a few weeks so it really doesn't mean a whole lot as far as timing. My Group B Strep test was negative so I won't need any extra antibiotics during labor and delivery. Then, like the tech thought, the Dr. wanted me to do the non-stress test just to be sure everything is okay. We went to a different room and they put two straps around my belly, just like they'll do when I'm in labor. One was to monitor the baby's heart rate and the other was to monitor contractions. The nurse also gave me a button to push any time I felt baby move. They were looking to see that her heart rate would go up, stay there, then go back down. Her "baseline" heart rate was 130 and she appeared to be sleeping so they have me some orange juice to wake her up which worked great. The nurse noticed some contractions on the monitor, which is perfectly normal, but i explained they showed up at the times baby was kicking so hard my whole belly would move and she said that could do it, too. The nurse said baby did awesome, the doctor stopped back to confirm and we were on our way.

We have another ultrasound and non-stress test in a week with our next appointment to make sure everything looks good. We're very anxious to meet her and I'm a little excited to stop going to the doctor so much!!


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    1. Just when I start to get a little antsy, I think to myself "worst case scenario it can only be SO long at this point!" :)


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