Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Family Christmas.

We had our last Christmas get together this weekend.  Trevor has a big extended family so the Christmas parties with his grandparents/aunts and uncles/cousins are too big for someone's house.

Trevor had drill this weekend, so I got some stuff done around the house then got our appetizer ready to bring to the party.  I also threw together my first loaf of homemade bread in my new (used) bread maker.

I headed to the Christmas party-I didn't get many pictures because it was just easier to sit in one spot for the most part.  It was great to see everyone, there was lots of good food, and Trevor made it towards the end after drill was over.
My nephews opening their presents with mom.
The kids found ways to stay busy while the adults cleaned up.
This photo was taken earlier last week sometime, but I wanted to share anyway.  Rowdy sure loves his Daddy-he'll squeeze anywhere just so he can sit by him.

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