Saturday, January 5, 2013

37 weeks

Full term!  I know we're not in the clear yet for everything going great and everyone being perfectly healthy, but it is nice to know "pre-term" is at least out of the question now.  Today is also her daddy's birthday (actually yesterday was, I wrote this yesterday but didn't have a photo until today), but it doesn't look like he'll be getting a daughter for his present, at least not on time!

As you can see from the photos below, baby has dropped a little in the last week.  We had our first weekly checkup on Monday.  Her heart rate was fine (our doctor didn't even tell us what it was I don't think, and we didn't ask).  The doctor was very surprised at how soft my cervix is and that I'm a "fingertip" dilated-she wasn't expecting either for a first timer at 36 weeks.  My weight gain is still on track-I am up to 158 (up 29 pounds according to the clinic, maybe a couple more because I think I gained a little before my first appointment) and I now weigh as much as, if not more than, Trevor!  My belly measured at 35, but the doctor wasn't concerned at all.  She said it's likely because baby dropped (that's what made me think to compare photos in the first place and she was right!).  She ordered another ultrasound to double check anyway so we are looking forward to that on Monday before our next appointment.  She also did the Group B Strep test (many women have it, not harmful to the mom but it can be passed to the baby during childbirth if not treated).  I was supposed to get a call if it was positive, but we know how that goes.  I haven't gotten a call but we'll find out for sure on Monday.  For the record, I've heard that test (vaginal swab) is uncomfortable or even painful and for me it wasn't at all, didn't even notice really.  The cervix check was just fine, too.

After our appointment we went to the hospital for our pre-admission appointment and tour.  The woman was very helpful and informative.  We saw the labor/delivery rooms, recovery rooms, C-section room, figured out where to go in when we arrive, talked about policy/procedure stuff, etc.  I seem to deal much better with foreign situations if I can gather as much information as possible, so it was very helpful for me, Trevor, too I think.

With baby sitting a little lower, I'm starting to waddle a tad, getting tired from moving around more easily and having to go to the bathroom more, still only once at night though.  I went a little nuts vacuuming yesterday and my back is paying for it today (that's a little dramatic, but I can tell).  I was awake from 1:30am-4am this morning which probably doesn't help any.  Over the last couple years, I've been in physical therapy multiple times for my upper back, knee and ankle and all of those problem spots are starting to bug me.  I'm sure the cold weather+added weight (off balance weight at that) are to blame.  But really these are all minor complaints and I'm feeling pretty darn good.  I still love a good nap though!

More next week!  Only a couple more of these then I can attempt to write baby updates-much more exciting than hearing about my cervix.

Question of the week: We keep our house a tad chilly in the winter and let the temp drop even more over night.  What temp have you all used when you have a baby in the home? How cold is too cold?


  1. I think it looks like she has dropped a bit too! Very exciting!! We kept our house between 65-67 during the day and 61 at night before Peyton, but now that's changed to 68 daytime and 67 at night. It's been hard keeping it so warm for sleeping, but I don't believe any cooler would be good for Peyton.

    1. Sounds like a pretty safe temp. I may just have to see how it feels, but I know we won't be able to keep it as low as we have been!


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