Friday, January 11, 2013

38 weeks

Ah! We're getting so close!  The biggest questions I've been getting are How are you feeling? and Are you nervous? So let's start there.

Thankfully, I'm still feeling great!  I'm starting to waddle every now and then and having a little more trouble getting comfortable on the couch/in bed/at my desk at work, but still nothing major.  I expected much worse at 38 weeks pregnant.  My usual winter dry nose that often leads to bloody noses seems to be worse (the books say that's to be expected).  I have still been getting some, well, diaper rash which is uncomfortable.  I used some of our cloth diaper safe cream (Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm and CJ's BUTTer) and it worked very well, almost immediately.  The A&D just wasn't cutting it.  I gave up on trying to shave my legs in the shower and took my first bath in about 2 years last night.  Clearly I'm not much of a bath person, but it actually felt great.  I tend to get too hot in the tub, but maybe it was better since half my torso was sticking out of the water this time.  I haven't actually felt as tired in the last week as usual, although I never pass up an opportunity to take a nap.  Since childbirth is getting closer, I've started taking two iron pills a day instead of one, which could be helping my fatigue.  So far, so good with staying regular while on iron-I have been making sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of fiber.

Honestly, I'm not nervous at all.  I imagine once labor gets going I'll have all kinds of emotions, especially if anything "abnormal" happens during labor/delivery.  For now, I'm just very excited to meet this little girl and I feel as ready as possible.  I don't want to speak for Trevor too much, but from our conversations I don't sense that he is nervous at all either, just ready and very excited.  We both keep thinking about all the things we want for her (things in life, not material things) and everything we want to teach her.  We joke about starting sign language/no-smoking speeches/self-respect lessons on day one.  Never too young, isn't that what they say?  :)

Since I already wrote about our doctor's appointment this week, I think that's all I've got for now.  Oh, I have had Braxton Hicks contractions ("warm up" contractions) for a couple weeks now, but they seem to be getting more frequent.  Although I'm having those and dilated to 3cm, I'm not convinced that means anything about the timing of labor.  I could name so many people who were stuck at 3cm (or more) for a few weeks.  I don't feel like I'd go over due at this point, but that is probably more optimism than anything.  One she arrives, I'll do my best to post a photo or two ASAP and I plan to do an in-depth birth story post when I'm able, too.

Question of the week: Do you automatically use a humidifier in your baby's/kids' rooms during the cold, dry months? Or do you wait for them to show signs of needing one? I need one myself all winter, just curious if we should use Baby's right off the bat or not.  PS-you can now comment via your Facebook account.  If the box isn't showing up, just click the "No Comments" or "# Comments" at the bottom of the post and it should appear.

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! The clock is ticking...

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