Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Last Friday was Trevor's 31st birthday.  He was in Kuwait for his 30th, so I thought it would be fun to surprise him with a party.  I waited until last minute (my planner definition of last minute, that is) to send out invites thinking I may not be up for it at 37 weeks pregnant, but it went great! I was so impressed with all the people who made the effort to come to the party.  We even had some friends in town from Michigan earlier in the week and they made a special trip to visit since they couldn't stick around for the party.

Trevor's day started with French Toast bake for breakfast (side note: I think I should start posting some of our favorite recipes when we have them).  I made him a Jello poke cake while at work then told him he'd have to trust me on birthday dinner.  We just had frozen pizza while killing time until people started arriving.  We had a very good turn out, many people even brought beer presents and food (didn't expect that!) and ended the night playing Rock Band.  I failed to take any photos of the evening-oops.  What I can share, however, are some photos of Trevor and his famous birthday banner pose.

When Trevor was in Kosovo (2008), I sent a banner to our friend Mike to hang up.  Then Mike sent this photo of the banner and the birthday boy.

So, when Trevor had training at Camp Ripley two years later (2010) over his birthday, I sent Mike another banner to hang up.

And, of course, when Trevor was deployed to Kuwait last year (2012) for his 30th, I sent Mike another banner.  This time I sent some banana bread with it for all the effort over the years.  I also sent Trevor a birthday party in a box that included some party favors and many cakes in a jar.  (If you bake cake/breads in jars then seal them right out of the oven, they stay fresh for a long time, 6 months or more!)

I thought I would be funny this year and actually use the banner at home.  I knew I'd be up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, so I hid the banner under the counter and hung it up at about 2am.  Then, after people showed up, I moved it to the kitchen.

On Sunday, Trevor and I headed to his hometown area to visit people and have some fun.  We met Rhya and Danny, his sister and her husband, for lunch.  She just had back surgery but seemed to be doing pretty darn well-medicine is a wonderful thing!  Then we met up with Trevor's dad to go visit Trevor's grandpa at the nursing home.  We had a good visit with another one of the residents there, too.  And finally, our nephew Carson came along to watch Trevor and his dad, Jeff, bowl in an Over-Under 50 tournament together.  The bowling was a bit rough, but I think they still had fun.

 Thanks again to everyone who made Trevor's birthday awesome!  I know he was a bit thrown off by the party at first, but it turned out to be a great time!


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