Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Nursery

Each week I keep meaning to post photos of the baby's room, but then I don't.  So, here they are.  The room is fairly small, so there are probably way more angles than necessary, but this room used to be one giant storage closet so I'm proud of how neat it looks now.

First, here's a photo of Trevor setting up the crib.  This has been put together for quite some time, but I just rediscovered the pictures.
Rowdy helped, too.
OK, here's what you see as you walk in the door.
And again right as you walk in the door, but a little to the right.
That is enough to get the point, but here are a few more just for fun.

We often get asked what the nursery "theme" is and I guess it's ocean/dolphins, but we certainly didn't go overboard.  The walls were already tan, the decorations are all things we already had, and her bedding is just blue/green/tan sheets.  So if all of that makes a theme, then that's what it is!  I know those of you who are parents may be looking at the pack and play bassinet in the baby's room and thinking we're crazy for not having it in our room.  We've already heard the speeches, so two things on that.  One, the place it would go in our bedroom is literally three steps around the corner, so we're hoping we can just have her sleep in her own room from the beginning.  Two, we are very flexible and, trust me, if that doesn't work well we will move it in a heartbeat.  There, now you don't have to give us a lesson or roll your eyes...or both!

The only thing that's missing is Baby's Scentsy warmer.  I'm using it in my office until we put this room to use!

So, now that that's done, we just need a baby to put in there and we'll be all set!


  1. Aww its all ready for your sweet baby to come home to!! Peyton has slept in her crib since day one. Her room is steps from ours too. When we stayed at my mom and dad's for Christmas, she was in our room and we did not sleep good because she is a grunty little sleeper! I'm so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to meet baby girl Gibbs!! :)

    1. Very glad to hear it! Oh, the looks and "advice" we get when we tell people that's our plan... :) Obviously if something isn't working, sleeping arrangements or anything else, we'll change it. How horrible is it that I'm still saying we can't wait to meet Peyton?! With Trevor finishing up fall semester, the holidays, baby prep and Trevor has been sick, life has been nuts. Soon, I promise! :)


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