Friday, January 18, 2013

39 weeks

We're getting so close! Baby could be here any day...but it could also be another three weeks yet, who knows!  I'm hoping for closer to the any day option.

Still feeling great!  Bending is getting a little trickier-I definitely have to sit down to put my socks on.  I'm still sleeping fairly well.  In fact, I've ditched the goofy pillows between my legs set-up.  One night this week I actually slept through the night-no potty breaks!  Then two nights ago I got up three times, but I'd say it was worth it to get a real, full night's sleep (especially this late in a pregnancy).  I've had two days in the last week where I've felt crampy like my period was coming (many say that's how contractions feel at first) but then nothing happened.  Yesterday I tried to time it, but there was not a very clear start and stop to the feeling and, obviously, it turned into nothing.  Baby is still moving as usual, no bleeding or loss of mucous plug.  My energy level is pretty good-I go to bed early, but that's fairly normal.  I still like naps, but who doesn't?  I've committed to taking my iron pills twice a day (doctor said for sure once a day, twice a day if I can), so maybe that helps, plus lots of water/fluids.  I have to eat smaller, more frequent meals because I run out of room.  I ate a ton at our last Christmas get together on Sunday and told my six-year-old nephew I was "so full."  He said, "Well yeah! There's a baby in there!"

We're still both very excited!  I think it's starting to sink in for Trevor more than for me.  I still feel like we're never going to have a baby and probably haven't fully grasped the idea that we could be parents by the end of today.  I've gotten to the point where I try to treat every day at work as my last, no loose ends.  It's really weird not knowing when this will all go down.  Trevor can't wait, but he also has a lot on his plate right now (finishing the basement, trying to get ahead with school work, Army stuff, etc.) and is trying to focus on all of that while he can.  Like many of you (I assume), I google things in times of boredom.  I found a few studies and it seems there's actually not a lot of truth to women delivering earlier if it's their second/third+ pregnancy and the average for first time moms is 39 weeks, 4 days.  Of course, that really means nothing for me specifically.  

Someone told me in a meeting this week, "Due next week? You look healthy!" and it was the best comment on my appearance I've heard in a long time.  I get sick of hearing how tiny I am because, really, I'm just the right size.  What can also get annoying (remember this when talking to pregnant women) is hearing over and over when I'm going to have this baby based on my size, appearance, dilation, etc.  The truth is, no one knows, not even me or my doctor.  Again, dilation/effacement/dropping/Braxton Hicks contractions or anything else does not mean labor will be here today, tomorrow or in two weeks.  I'm generally a bit of a planner and I've come to terms with the fact that I'm just not going to know until it's actually happening-I just wish other people understood that, too.  And I digress.

Car seat is installed, hospital bag is packed and ready to go, Rowdy's care is set, just need baby to be ready!

We'll be sure to update people on any news! I've got an email draft ready to go, just need to add details and a photo once she's here.  And, of course, we'll post on the blog and, eventually, include her birth story.


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